Case study 1

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The challenge

Gain recognition and connect with more people

HMR had 30 years of success as a premium hospital-based program. The challenge was the broader consumer audience had no idea who we were. We needed a campaign that would cut through the clutter, fads, and gimmicks to bring this serious program to consumers who were tired of empty promises. I was the Creative Director and UI Designer for this project. We worked with an outside agency to help us with research and a complex targeting media strategy that would deliver the right message at the right time.

The approach

Build a uniquely ownable look and TOV

We would ground ourselves in our target persona and address both the rational and emotional, to drive that target through the funnel. To build a uniquely ownable look we needed intensive research and market analysis of the highly competitive landscape to ensure we could differentiate the brand.


We started by clearly defining our brand personality and target persona. We looked at our competitors and got inspiration from other passion brands with loyal customers.


Creativity. Design. Disruption. We brainstormed ideas that would inspire action, build loyalty, and grow the brand. This campaign needed to break through the competitive clutter.


Working with an outside agency we administered a two-part, targeted, controlled environment, online creative test that simulated an in-market experience to deliver the most meaningful execution.


Execute a visually disruptive omnichannel marketing campaign that would build brand recognition, customer retention and loyalty, while meeting company growth goals.

"I’ve tried. I’ve really tried, and I’m willing to try again. But I need some real help, not more of the same old promises." ~Lorraine

She wants to finally overcome her struggle with weight but is skeptical of quick-fix programs that overpromise and don’t work.

She is influenced emotionally by brands that are candid and empathetic – that understand her frustrations and challenges.

She is rational, emotional and skeptical, so trust and authenticity are paramount in choosing a brand.

Brand inspiration. Emotional stories.

The approach

Mood board, ownable assets

For creative direction we built a campaign mood board around the message "When you're ready to get serious about weight loss, you're ready for HMR." Through research we knew that our target, "Lorraine" would respond better if she could see herself in our creative. We shot custom photography reflective of her, featuring diverse, authentic models as their most empowered selves.

The approach

Transform the look and build emotion

We shot in color, then reimagined the imagery in black and white. This look complemented HMR’s premium brand and the more serious look we were striving to achieve. It also was a differentiating factor in the weight loss category. A pop of color was used along with a message that was candid but empowering — one we knew resonated with our audience from user testing. A closer image crop played an important role in emotionally connecting with our audience.

The release

A disruptive brand campaign

We built a dynamic, responsive creative campaign that used digital channels to deliver the right message at the right time — from awareness, to retargeting, to abandon cart. We used robust analytics to allow for relentless campaign optimization. We saw a 22% increase in website sessions and a 14% increase in year over year transaction revenue.

  • Display and social ads — Awareness —
  • Landing pages — Awareness —
  • Display and social ads — Awareness —
  • Display and social ads — Retarget —
  • Landing pages — Retarget —
  • Display and social ads — Retarget —

Display ads

Social ads

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Nuture emails
Linda your commitment to excellence never ceases. I just want to acknowledge how much you've done to maintain a high standard of design in the face of a lot of challenges. We have a saying on the team, "consumers don't see strategy, they see execution." and you are role modeling the importance of executing with excellence. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to inspire us to strive for more.
John Lally
VP of Marketing